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What about the bottom edge of my blade?

Not a problem! Data from our studies has shown that the absence of tape on the bottom of the stick does not significantly alter the blade. It is even suggested that traditional cloth tape is actually more damaging to the blade because of its intrinsic hydro-static properties that keeps moisture locked in, threatening the integrity of the stick blade.

How many games does BladeTape last?

Approximately 15 games! Normally, we recommend players to change their BladeTape every 15 games. The number of games depends on how often you play, the intensity you play at, position, as well as a number of other aspects. We have heard from many of our users that their BladeTape has lasted well beyond the recommended 15 games – for younger players it can last up to a whole season or more.

My BladeTape ripped! What can i do now?

Not a problem! If any damage occurs to BladeTape, simply remove any moisture from the exposed area and then heat it using the warmth of your hands. Once warmed, compress the area with firm pressure using a finger or the palm of your hand. The ability to fix BladeTape on the fly is one of the benefits you will realize from using BladeTape, as minor nicks/cuts do not adversely affect performance.

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