Yes, we are out of stock at this time.  We’re very sorry about this but our raw material supplier timelines have let us down more than once now and that’s out of our control.

On the bright side, we are still using the same high-quality materials and will be making and delivering the same BladeTape performance MADE IN CANADA to you very soon!

We all know the price of everything has gone up since Covid hit us in 2020.  BladeTape raw products and costs are no exception to this.  While the increase in our packaging and the rubber itself have seen minimal price hikes, we have seen Shipping costs really shoot up.  Lastly, the price of the adhesive we use making BladeTape has almost doubled since 2020.  Yes, doubled.  Unfortunately this is also the most expensive component used in making BladeTape.  As a result, we will be raising prices.

On the stock front, we will be making new batches of BladeTape shortly.  Once made, the curing process can begin, and then we can get cutting, packaging and shipping.  This does however take time, as we need to follow our process and let the product cure–we cannot rush this.  We anticipate being able to ship in November.

Lastly, there will be a BIG ANNOUCEMENT coming soon.  Stay tuned, and thank you for your understanding!