Test Fit your BladeTape and trimming for Junior Sticks.

You've got your set of BladeTape and you want to get it on your stick.  While it seems like it should be straightforward, just let us give you a couple pointers--PLEASE!

Yes, we have gotten notes with photos from first-time users asking why it doesn't fit their blade. Usually we see they stuck the wrong piece to the wrong side of the blade--yes it happens!

So here are a few pointers;

1) Ensure stick blade is clean and dry. Lay down flat if possible.

2) Do a "test fit" ensuring you have the correct side and it fits. (You may choose to trim with scissors at this point)

3) Remove the backing paper as you would with a sticker.

4) Start at one end and apply pressure, again like a sticker.

5) Once in proper place, ensure BladeTape is rubbed down properly.

6) Complete!  Do the same on the other side of the stick blade.

7) Junior blades may require some trimming. This is why we recommend the test fit. BladeTape can be easily trimmed with a scissors while the backing paper is still on.  (Trimmed Junior show in Red)