Hello, and thanks for your interest in BladeTape – still the best kept secret in hockey equipment!


The secret of BladeTape?–Well, it’s pretty simple actually. It’s rubber, and it’s got ridges. The raised rubber ridges were scientifically designed to provide some cushion, along with great feel and tons of grip on the puck whether you’re on Inline floor tiles or out on the Ice. The downward wedge matrix design of the Player BladeTape actually encourages the puck to lay down flat–pretty cool huh?

One BladeTape user, Jed Plester from Pennsylvania had this to say;

“The ridges do a terrific job of keeping the puck flat and consistently coming off the blade in a tight saucer. On shots, I noticed the spin was so tight that the puck continued to spin on the ice in the net after I buried it. The puck releases from the stick quickly with a satisfying snap”.

Ken DiOrio of North Carolina shared with us;

“At first I thought the product was very gimmicky, it wouldn’t hold up to the performance as advertised. I was very wrong. I was surprised how easily I was able to adhere BladeTape to the stick. Upon use, it was very apparent that BladeTape added another level of puck control I hadn’t experienced. I have been on-ice for 30+ instructional sessions shooting on Goalies, then another 25 games since I placed the first BladeTape on my stick. The stuff is great and I have a feeling it might outlast my stick. I strongly recommend this product for a player at any level.”

There you have it. What are you waiting for? Can’t everyone use Better Puck Control?