Thank You for "sticking" with BladeTape

Hey, we use a lot of adhesive around here.  There of lots of "stick with me" jokes going on each day, trust me!

2020 and 2021 have been quite the couple years eh?  From complete shutdowns, people out of work, kids getting schooled through Zoom and widespread cancellations of Sports, it's been a long 18+ months.

Now we hear of "supply chain issues".  If you've tried to buy an appliance or a vehicle, you know that the selection and the delivery times just aren't there.  Even little old BladeTape is running into this.  While we deal with North American manufacturers for our raw goods, they are severely impacted as well depending on where their components come from or how they are made.  From shortages to price increases, it's been ugly.

Through all of this, we are seeing Hockey gradually come back.  And yes, we're still here.  You've found our new website obviously.  Thanks to our friends at Shopify for helping us out with this, as the last couple months with our previous WebHost got real ugly when they sent everything offshore without telling us, their Customers.

As we head into Christmas 2021, we are thankful for you, our Customers sticking with us through these very difficult last couple years.

Now, drop puck and let's get back at it.  Let's get potting those goals, dishing those beauty saucer passes and making those killer paddle saves.

See you at the rink!