Getting Started With BladeTape

Getting started with BladeTape is easy.

BladeTape comes in one size, so for very small stick blades for very young players (Youth sticks), some trimming might be necessary by Mom or Dad—this can easily be done with scissors before applying to the stick, and with the backing paper still on. Most Junior sticks we have tested do not require trimming. Make sure the stick blade is clean & dry, then peel the backing, and stick to the front and rear of your blade. Try to apply ⅛” or 3mm up from the bottom of the blade–if you miss, no problem, you can easily pick the BladeTape back up and try again. Now, get out there and play with it! If you’re a competitive player, we recommend using the product in practice, initially.

Expect to feel the puck a little differently, initially. Just go with it.

Expect to feel the puck a little differently when stickhandling, passing and shooting – or making saves. Most players find their play effortlessly adapts to the product within 2-3 practices (or less). Likewise, goalies find their rebounds softer, puck handling and passing improves as their play adapts within the first few uses.

If you’re not enjoying enhanced puck control within 30 days of purchasing your first set of BladeTape, simply contact us – and we’ll naturally reimburse your original purchase in full. Love it, or your money back. That’s The BladeTape Guarantee, in a nutshell.